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Art In The Bathroom

Updated: Mar 27, 2021

The bathroom is an important and necessary space in every home, no doubt about it. You can add some canvas wall art or framed prints to it and by waking up those empty bathroom walls you can create your own little piece of heaven. Just keep on reading to find out how to choose the matching wall art for your bathroom that will help you transform this functional space into something special.

Find The Matching Piece

Wall Art belongs in every room in the house and it adds a sense of thoughtfulness and interest to your walls. Matching the style or theme of the room is the key to ensure you've chosen the perfect piece of art to compliment your space. If you have a modern and stylish bathroom, you could go for an abstract wall art or black and white framed prints. Cityscapes would be also a good choice. Should you have a more bohemian style bathroom then canvases with vibrant colours or landscape wall art would be a fantastic addition to the walls.

It's Hot There! Need To Handle That

Bathroom wall art should be able to withstand the humidity and daily moisture. Therefore you have to make sure your art is durable enough to handle this kind of environment. A framed print , protected by a glass is definitely a good option to decorate your bathroom.

Lively Sparkling Colours

White or light walls can make a bathroom look bright, too plain but also clean and tidy. If you feel that your bathroom need some colours , you don't need to repaint or even renovate the whole space. Just add some colourful canvas wall art or framed prints to it with the right amount of vibrancy and colours.

Texture & Pattern Where To Hang It Up ?

A comfortable and easy way to add some depth , pattern and layer to your walls is to attach some canvas and framed prints to it. This way you'll not destroy everything with a crazy wallpaper.

Where To Hang It Up ?

It depends pf course on the size of your bathroom and available walls. Behind the mirror is a really cool place to hang up your favourite wall art , since you can enjoy a glimpse of your beautiful bathroom art in the rearview as you get ready or wash your hands. In case you have a stand-alone bathtub, then the wall above it is the perfect spot.

Early Morning Inspiration

Since we all step in the bathroom in the morning, it is the right place to get inspired straight in the morning and start your day off on the right foot. You can set up yourself every day for success, if your adding some inspirational quotes next to your mirror for example.

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