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Art Where You Wouldn't Expect It

Have you made thoughts to hang up your new wall art or canvas print differently and break the traditions ? Being creative and imaginative can help you to make your white walls more exciting and transform uncommon areas into wonderful displays.

You are having more clever spots in your home then you would know at this moment. Take a good look around, begin to think outside the box and soon you will realize your possibilities.

Gallery Wall Under The Staircase

Should you have a big white space underneath your stairs, time to consider using it. You’ve most likely seen galleries of photos or prints on the walls of staircases before. With a bit of fantasy you can build your own modern-looking layout either with canvas photo prints or other different wall art. Some floating shelves below your gallery wall could be an excellent and unique way to keep the area neatened and it can be a new home for some favourite items or beloved books.

An Inventive Focal Point

Let's say you have a large bookcase or a set of shelves and you feel they could use a bit of art. So, let's display a large canvas painting or framed print over it. A large scale piece of art would generate a variance in opposition to the small things or books on the shelves. You can place your needed items around the main art piece , ensuring you have the access to them , while the large and powerful wall art would definitely draw every attention to that area.

The Bright Window Wall Art

This might be something totally new for you. Windows covered in wall art? Why would I do that , never heard of it. It is obviously an uncommon place and on first instinct, it seem like a crazy idea, let's be honest. First and foremost windows helping us is to let natural light in and soak in the view. However if your view from the window isn't the one you've wished for , a great wall art could definitely improve that. Check out where your windows meet and hang there a special wall art or a framed print you love. Keep in mind not to block the whole space, so you can still enjoy the warmth of the sun.

Unused Fireplace ? Stir it up !

Fireplaces are a beautiful addition to any home and you've probably imagined yourself already once or twice sitting in front of it with a drink in your hand. Now in reality there are unfortunately many fireplaces that just sticks out and aren't in use for whatever reasons. The most common thing you will see is the decorated mantlepiece. Nice and fine but what about underneath? Yes, you can decorate the fireplace too. Cover it with a couple of small wall art or even a larger piece, depending on the size of the fireplace of course. It is definitely worth trying out so give it a go.

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