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Conceal Your TV With A Great Wall Art

Updated: Mar 27, 2021

Have you got a TV on the wall and you were already wondering how could you hide it? Perhaps you were asking yourself: what shall I put there? Is it possible to cover it somehow? Of course it is! Luckily there are many ways both easy and fun. So, are you interested ?

Canvas prints are amazing and there’s so much you can do with them . If you look around there are amazing and creative ideas of using unique canvas prints around the home.

One innovative way is for a large piece to hide a TV. Keep on reading to find out , just in a few and easy steps, how you can turn your TV into a stunning piece of art!

1st Step - Measure

Get the measurements of your TV, and write down the exact size. Make sure to remember the size, because you’ll need to add a buffer for the photo print’s framing to ensure there’s enough space between the TV. A 5 cm buffer on each side would be just fine.

2nd Step - The Canvas Wall Art

If you do not have the canvas wall art for for this purpose already, you can source the right piece of art that you've imagined. Take your time, it is very important you chose the one that fits perfectly. There are many talented , young artists and their artwork could be maybe the perfect and matching piece. Certainly, if you wish to use your own photos from your laptop, smart phone or camera , just get it printed and ensure the quality and size. In case you don't have anything special in mind, you can find any kind of free images on different pages.

3rd Step - Put It Up

Before you put it up , ensure just in case one more time, that your canvas wall art has enough depth , like 4-5 cm ( or more if necessary) to hide your TV. Of course nowadays flat screen TVs will easily be covered by the above mentioned depth suggestion. Have you got everything ready to put it up? Let's do it then! The last step is to check it and if it's perfect you've done a great job.

Since not just wall arts can be functioning as a hide for your TV , take a look at the other smart ideas below :

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