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Inspiration To Achieves Great Things

Art in the workplace encourages and promotes social interactions, it stimulates emotional

responses and reduces stress. Therefore it doesn't take too long to figure out that happy employees equals more productivity which equals higher profits. It is vital to create a positive

workplace and culture.

Art has been proven to be an excellent way to cultivate an inspired work environment. A well designed and aesthetically pleasing work environment has been known to foster positive moods, enhance commitment, increase productivity, stimulate creative thinking, elevate a collective team identity and communicate a company's message.

The right piece of artwork is powerful enough to define the atmosphere and spirit of an environment. When we look specifically at art in the workplace , then the general opinion is that art should create a good mood and a more productive office. So if we have some art displayed at the office, it's highly likely that the employee performance and productivity will increase. According to a research done by Forbes people working in enriched spaces (decorated with art or plants) were 17% (and even up to 30% according to other similar studies) more productive than those in lean spaces (not decorated with art). This is correlated to the fact that art boosts positive emotions and elevates team cohesiveness. Art in the workplace helps businesses address key challenges such as reducing stress, increasing creativity and encouraging expression of opinions.

If your workplace is lacking on artworks , it's time to invest in some decorative pieces. Not just the room itself would be happy for it but as it proves above, so would you.

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